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The world’s leading producer of coconuts with around 20 million tons being produced every year, the Philippines is a lot more than just nuts of the coco variety. This Pacific Island country has always played a major role in the Pacific Basin. Now it has around 100 million inhabitants and with a newly elected president the Philippines are on a mission to become a regional power both economically and military.

Parcelabc will help you find ­best ways, cheapest methods and quickest options to make deliveries to Philippines.

Sending a parcel from the UK to the Philippines is a long hard task and if you want to do it by yourself, a lot of trouble awaits. Why bother by yourself, when there are reliable and trustworthy carrier and courier companies that can make your deliveries to The Philippines cheaply and quickly. Big or small, dense or liquid, whatever your shipment is, we will give you plenty of shipping options to The Philippines, so you can be happy with the selected shipping method.

Since The Philippines are rapidly growing and changing, the country’s import sector it is open to some and at times many turbulent changes. Naturally, lots of them also happen in the forms of new regulations being applied to the import sector. The import restrictions and regulations list can change almost instantly, so if you want to avoid problems and delays, it’s a no brainer to find a reliable postage partner like Parcelabc.

Fill in a quote and we will show you how much it is going to cost, to send your particular parcel from the United Kingdom over to far-east island state - The Philippines. The duration and the company’s name will also be on display so you know what company will make the delivery. Registration is not required.

Browse the list and find cheapest or quickest ways to deliver your packet to The Philippines. Shipping and delivering parcels to cross-continent destinations is extremely complex. There are logistic tasks, customs and financial issues which require a lot of resources and delivery capabilities.

Posting to The Philippines from the United Kingdom can be done via airmail or by ship. The most common method from the UK is by airmail, since shipping just takes too much time. By choosing Parcelabc to be your postage and shipping partner, you are showing confidence in a reliable postage service solution provider in the fields of:

  • collection
  • shipping
  • postage


We take care of these sections and everything related to them. By allowing the freedom of choice we can be sure that our clients are satisfied with the decisions they make.

How to know what is the price and what the costs will be to send a parcel to The Philippines?

In truth, the price of the postage depends on what you are sending. Dimensions, content and weight are all evaluated before accurate costs for postage to Philippines can be determined. All is visible after the quote is filled.

What is the cheapest way to deliver my package to The Philippines from the UK?

Once again, It all depends on the parcel you are trying to send. By filling in the quote you can look at offers from various carriers. The cheapest shipping method for your parcel should be at the top of the quote.  You can go with the cheapest option or choose a company which you have worked with before and trust. Depending on your choice, the cost of the service for postage to The Philippines is going to differ.

Postage to The Philippines from the UK: what can I send to The Philippines in a parcel?

The Philippines don’t have a very long public list of prohibited to import items. Read our page on Shipping to the Philippines from the UK for info about the list. If you want to know whether the items you are sending fall to the prohibited category – contact our team or the Filipino embassy.


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